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Standard Equipment

  • Weighs just 5.5 kg making it easy to move from place to place

  • Large 10 litre container with 8 litre dust bag net filling

  • Detachable orange cord

  • Entire machine, including hose and wand, can be carried safely and comfortably in one hand

  • Certified HEPA filter as standard

  • Lightweight aluminium tube

SALTIX 10 UK                      Price: £141.00

  • The powerful motor and high quality nozzle ensures superior efficiency and the durable design makes sure that the machine can be relied upon day in and day out. The very high filling capacity of the SALTIX 10 means less time spent changing dust bags and the lightweight design makes it easy to move from place to place.

  • The SALTIX 10 is ideal for cleaning of hotels, offices, shops or similar light to medium duty applications. With a sound pressure of just 62 dB(A), it makes this vacuum suitable for daytime cleaning of noise-sensitive areas as it causes minimum disturbance to people who are within the cleaning vicinity.

Fact Sheet

Product Specification 

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