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High Pressure Cleaner KSM Series


Standard Equipment

  • 7" touch screen monitor

  • PLC controls Siemens S7-1200

  • Automatic switch On/Off control for high pressure pumps

  • Automatic stand-by operation

  • Pressureless pipes in stand-by

  • Booster supply pump

  • 60l storage water tank

  • Water supply separation acc. water reg.

  • Maintenance interval display

  • INOX versions: stainless steel (food-safe)


  • KSM1840 (-INOX) 2 pumps £15418+VAT / £17510+VAT

  • KSM2740 (-INOX) 3 pumps £17143+VAT / £19267+VAT

  • KSM3640 (-INOX) 4 pumps £19029+VAT / £22878+VAT

  • KSM4540 (-INOX) 5 pumps £22391+VAT / £26240+VAT

  • KSM5440 (-INOX) 6 pumps £23671+VAT / £27510+VAT

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Equipment features

  • Robust, self-supporting device chassis made from galvanized steel and powder-coated (Option INOX: device-chassis made out of stainless steel), suitable for fl oor installation

  • Triplex-Piston pump with chrome-nickel pump head, hot water-resistant up to 85°C, high-performance ceramic piston, stainless steel valves

  • Leakage return

  • Booster pump for charging the high pressure pumps (cavitation avoidance)

  • Automatic pump-on and shut-off control by PLC

  • Total-switch-off between 5 and 600min – adjustable, with leakage recognition

  • Unloader safety valve for monitoring

  • Pressureless pipe system in Stand-By mode

  • Robust rotary On/Off switch, lockable

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