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Nilfisk sweeper SC530


The SC530 is a simple, trustworthy and cost-effective scrubber dryer and the perfect choice for applications such as schools, hospitals, supermarkets and public buildings, as the SC530 allows to cover big areas reducing time and increasing productivity thanks to its 61 litre tank capacity.

The SC530 GO-Line is a simple and easy to use scrubber drier requiring minimum training for daily use and maintenance.

The highly reliable SC530 GO-Line will perform it’s cleaning tasks with daily downtime restricted to routine maintenance.

Attractively priced with low daily maintenance, SC530 GO-Line ensures an affordable scrubber drier.

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Standard Equipment

  • Easy to use with OneTouch™ button to activates all scrubbing functions

  • Tilting recovery tank for easy access to batteries and chemicals

  • Ergonomic pedal to easily lift and lower the deck

  • Easy click-on and off system releases the brush/ pad effortlessly

  • Excellent water pick-up

  • Listed on the Water Technology List - qualifies for ECA

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