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Nilfisk sweeper SC500


The Nilfisk SC500 walk-behind scrubber dryer is carefully designed to improve productivity and drive down your total cleaning costs. These significant benefits are achieved through ease-of-use and a series of technical features enabling daytime cleaning and the most effective use of water and detergent. A reliable choice for cleaning companies, hospitals, schools, offices, supermarkets, shops, sports centres, restaurants, hotels and production floors.

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Standard Equipment

  • Ease-of-use: Ergonomic drive paddle and informative display with One-Touch button and easy click on/off for the brush/padholder.

  • Settings effectively controlled: Separate Super user and Operator key

  • Easy handling: Plastic light squeegee with patent elastic strap system

  • Sustainable: Ecoflex system with flexible detergent setting and water-only cleaning

  • Effective: 53cm scrubbing width and automatic brush speed control to save energy

  • User friendly: Electric motor to lower/raise brush deck with One-Touch button

  • Productive: 45/45 litre water tanks and up to 5 hours of running time in light applications

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