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Nilfisk MH-8P

Standard Equipment

  • EcoPower boiler with > 92% efficiency for reduced fuel cost

  • 1450 RPM motor High flow pump

  • Easy to use control panel

  • Steel frame and chassis

  • Quick service concept reduces maintenance costs

  • Optimal machine protection against low fuel, low pump oil. Includes flame sensor and exhaust gas temperature sensor.

  • Diagnostics system

  • 2 way chemical dosing system with automatic flush system

  • Max. Inlet temperature 40°C


  • The high power MH 8P combines high pressure and high water flow for routine cleaning of large amounts of dirt in the agriculture, construction, transport or industrial segments. The MH 8P combines high cleaning effect with high rinsing and flushing effect. The MH 8P series features low running and maintenance costs, robustness, durability and high cleaning efficiency. Heating costs are reduced with the award-winning EcoPower boiler system with > 92% heating efficiency. The unit also contains all of the well known features of the MH range such as best-in-class mobility, diagnostics system, machine protection and quick service concept.

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Nilfisk MH-8P
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