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MC 4M-100/770 230/1/50/13 UK

Standard Equipment

  • Powered by a 1450 rpm high-quality motor pump

  • Brass pump head and three ceramic coated pistons

  • Pressure activated unloader system

  • Pump oil tank with oil level sight and fill/empty function

  • Easy opening and removing of cabinet for access to the pump

  • Innovative holder protects Spray Gun from damage during storage and transport

  • Turnable cable hook for easier removal and wind-up of power cable

  • Robust design with large wheels - easy to maneouvre over rough surfaces and steps

  • Aluminium lifting bar


  • The MC 4M is designed for light, general cleaning tasks and is the ideal choice for tradesmen, small building companies, small garages and farms. This range is equipped with a professional 1450 rpm motor pump unit with ceramic coated pistons for slightly heavier applications, developed for low to medium intensity use.

  • The MC 4M includes an innovative spray gun holder that protects the spary gun and keep it out of harms way during storage and transport.

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