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High Pressure Cleaner HDE Series


Mobile cold water high pressure cleaners, designed for continuous professional use, 10 - 14 l/min.

Standard Equipment

  • Etronic II controls

  • 10 m high pressure hose DN08 - 315 bar

  • Trigger gun with swivel

  • Spray lance (HDE840-F: Double spray lance) 900 mm c/w nozzle protection

  • Stainless steel jet nozzle 25°

  • Water supply separation acc. water reg.

  • Chemical supply in high pressure jet c/w metering valve


  • HDE840 12 kW (Standard/Premium) £4489+VAT / £4889+VAT

  • HDE840 18 kW (Standard/Premium) £4789+VAT / £5089+VAT

  • HDE840 24 kW (Standard/Premium) £4989+VAT / £5189+VAT

  • HDE840-F 24 kW (Standard/Premium) £5689+VAT / £5989+VAT

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Equipment features

  • Robust, corrosion-resistant, self-supporting device chassis

  • Leakage return

  • Impact-resistant device cover made of ABS

  • Stainless steel hotwater boiler with 65 l capacity with pre-heating and buffer storage for immediate hot water use and hot-water preparation during stand-by operation

  • Triplex piston pump with chromium-nickel pump head (hot water-resistant)

  • HDE840-F: Food appliance with abrasion resistant high pressure hose, blue

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