Karcher Middle class

HD 7/12-4 M Plus


HD Middle.jpg

Standard Equipment

  • Trigger gun, EASY!Force

  • High-pressure hose, 10 m

  • Spray lance, 840 mm

  • Power nozzle

  • Dirt Blaster spray lance

  • Pressure switch control

  • Quick coupling

  • Powerful, versatile and robust machines, ideal for tough cleaning jobs in agriculture, construction and automotive sectors, where high water flow is needed to shift dirt and detergent quickly. The upright design makes them highly manoeuvrable and easy to transport. Equipped with quality features such as an automatic pressure relief system and and built with efficient pump technology the machine can withstand harsh industrial environments. The dirtblaster nozzle provides even greater cleaning performance for the most difficult cleaning tasks and the sophistcated on board storage allows for secure and tidy storing.

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