Standard Equipment

  • The B30 is simply laid out with a compact design and uncomplicated construction

  • Fitted with an onboard battery charger and an easily accessible charging cable offering convenience to the user

  • Facilitates an electrical BRS system (brush release system)

  • Squeegee rubbers/seals can be changed without tools reducing unnecessary additional weight

  • Chemical dosing system (optional)

  • Hako AquaStop enables the accurate application and efficient use of the cleaning solution


  • The Sweepmaster B500 is the smallest motorised sweeper in our product range. It is purpose-built for use on all hard floors and carpets alike. It has been engineered to fulfil a coverage of up to 2,400m2 per hour, and this is achieved at a speed of 4km/h! The Sweepmaster B500 is a highly effective, filter cleaning system. Through the accompaniment of a powerful vacuum blower, dust is absorbed instantaneously. The large filter ensures the process is streamlined and safe.

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Hako Sweepmaster B500