Standard Equipment

  • The B30 is simply laid out with a compact design and uncomplicated construction

  • Fitted with an onboard battery charger and an easily accessible charging cable offering convenience to the user

  • Facilitates an electrical BRS system (brush release system)

  • Squeegee rubbers/seals can be changed without tools reducing unnecessary additional weight

  • Chemical dosing system (optional)

  • Hako AquaStop enables the accurate application and efficient use of the cleaning solution


  • The Scrubmaster B30 is a pedestrian scrubber-drier ideal for use in small and medium-sized areas such as hospitals, schools, dining areas and halls. The fully chargeable and responsive system, which features the special AquaStop function, presents a professional and rapid resolution to industrial cleaning.The dual function of scrubbing and suction of the B30 halves the time of cleaning, and with its precision expands the ability to cover more area with greater effectiveness. The ultimate purpose of the Scrubmaster B30 is to deliver a high-performance clean to a scope of users.

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Hako Scrubmaster B30